Chad Vahila

Chad Vahila was born in Canton, Ohio in 1989 and spent most of his life in small towns. As a young teenager he began an interest in body piercing and tattoos that had him piercing himself in his basement. He spent a lot of his time researching as much as possible about body piercing and various modifications, but always knew he would need a formal apprenticeship to push himself and gain the knowledge and experience needed to be a great body piercer.

Chad moved to Atlanta in 2013 and started piercing professionally at Thunderbolt Tattoo. He has steadily built up a following by being one of the most friendly and professional piercers in the South East. Vahila uses only the finest jewelry from the most prestigious body jewelers for your piercing, and also he is very fun and informative to be around. He is experienced in a wide array of piercings from simple earlobes to male/female genital piercings and everything in between.

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